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Local Wildlife

Last year I reported that we had dozens of butterflies in our garden at any one time. Well, we thought, that was because we have 7 butterfly bushes and there is scrub land next to our house. However, this year, despite the buddleia we have only seen the small tortoiseshell and the cinnabar moth and caterpillar. Has anyone seen any of these or another type? There has been a 76% decline in the UK butterfly population in the last 40 years. If you wish to attract butterflies it’s important to grow nectar rich plants:- herbs lavender nastertium chrysanthemum butterfly bush if you have room and climbing plants such as star jasmine or flowering Ivy. The unusual coloured cinnabar moth is nocturnal but may be disturbed during the day from long grass or herbage. The caterpillars have yellow and black hoops around the body and eat ragwort and related plants.
Red Admiral
Cinnabar moth
Painted lady


Left to right:- Red Tailed Bumblebee Garden Bumblebee Early Bumblebee White Tailed Bumblebee Buff Tailed Bumblebee Common Carder bee.
Queens and Worker Bees
Left to right:- Red Tailed Bumblebee Garden Bumblebee Early Bumblebee White Tailed Bumblebee Buff Tailed Bumblebee common Carder Bee
Have you seen any of these bumblebees locally? Please let me know: which type, where, how many and when. report to Jackietccweb@gmail.com Have you seen any other wildlife? Are you an expert on birds? Please let me know.
Small copper

Toilet Twinning

The jubilee celebrations plant stall raised £164.20. All of it was donated to Toilet Twinning. Follow this link to see how donations are used. http://www.toilettwinning.org To watch the video - click on - what-we-do tab


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