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into Covid-19.

Help us learn more about the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland by volunteering for our online research panel. It involves fortnightly surveys on the number of people you've been in contact with, and your experiences of #coronavirus. Sign up to take part https://response.questback.com/isa/qbv.dll/bylink?p=BDGGA3 y8lvBzuQ9i3cGty1YFkAPCNauA2aT7- o76TqM53xT3Fcnl3sm7lQyeszE9OntyfntShgA45AvZ4wfBOg2
Dear Member of the Community On behalf of Torthorwald Community Council, I am pleased to let you know that grants funded by Annandale and Nithsdale Community Benefit Company (ANCBC) are available to all local groups and organisations. These grants of up to £500 per group are provided by ANCBC on behalf of Scottish Power Renewables linked to Harestanes Wind Farm.. Applications for the 2021 allocation are invited from all local groups. The closing date for applications is 12th March 2021. All applications will be considered by the Torthorwald Community Council and awarded accordingly. A copy of the terms and conditions on which the grants are offered. If your group wishes to apply for a grant, please complete the form and send it to: Torthorwald Community Council, FAO Pauline Dear (Treasurer), Penny Cottage, Torthorwald, Dumfries, DG1 3QD. If you have any queries, please contact me on:- 01387 750343 or 07411274783 Click here for terms & conditions
T’s & C’s pdf T’s & C’s pdf

ANCBC Community Grants

Team working in Torthorwald

During the recent cold spell a member of the community contacted the community council asking where the grit spreaders were kept. They were located - one rusty one in a shed near a village hall and two rusty ones retrieved from where they had been dumped, thanks to our eagle-eyed ward officer. Thanks to a local community minded villager, Jimmy Carruthers, 3 rusty and unusable grit spreaders became 2 fully functioning grit spreaders with a few spare parts! A perfect example of community working together and now ready for the next cold spell. Mr Jimmy Carruthers would be very happy to help with repair of other non-functioning spreaders.
One spreader is located in Torthorwald and one in Collin. Please contact a member of the CC if the grit spreader is needed.


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