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Grid Battery Energy Storage

Public awareness process.

A 50MW Battery energy Storage facility is proposed between the recycling centre at Lochar Moss and the A75. Flexon Energy is undertaking a consultation prior to making formal application to Dumfries and Galloway Council. The energy produced from wind and solar is produced in peaks and roughs depending on the weather. At present the UK only just produces enough to meet demand there is no spare capacity. However, demand also moves in peaks and troughs and with the advent of electric cars, vans, ebikes, phones and all other electrical equipment, demand is likely to increase. Therefore we need increased generation or some means of storage. It will take some years before new gas power plants, hydrogen or nuclear fusion are developed sufficiently to supply the grid. Therefore storage facilities will, to a small extent, fill the gap. Battery storage systems use Lithium-Ion batteries or lithium-sulphur. There is a small risk of fire and explosion with Lithium - Ion battery storage but the nature of the risk is substantial. Occasionally the batteries overheat and catch fire. These are chemical fires and are extremely difficult to extinguish using the present methods available to fire fighters. Li-on battery fires also explode placing fire crews and nearby properties/road users in danger. For this reason fire chiefs across the UK, and elsewhere, recommend that battery installations should be placed in isolated areas well away from property and main roads.

Local Place Plans

Local Place Plans are community based, community produced plans. They are a means of highlighting issues and focusing funding. TCC are looking for residents who would volunteer to form part of a working group. It’s a good way to highlight recurring local issues. INTERESTED - contact TCC Secretary Lindsay Florey 07460435277
Proposed Site of Battery Storage Installation
Public Information - Collin 27th March. 2pm - 7pm. Village Hall Torthorwald 8th May 2pm - 7pm Village Hall


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